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1Purchase process

You can also purchase from your computer screen. Responsive display that automatically changes size and position

Purchase flow

  • ①Category selection

    Please select the category of ticket you would like to purchase

  • ② Date/quantity selection

    Please select the date of your visit and then the number of tickets.

  • ③Confirm order details

    Please check your purchase details and if they are correct, press the "Purchase Ticket" button.

  • ④Enter buyer information

    Enter buyer information.
    Required fields are marked in red.

  • ⑤Enter payment information

    Please enter your card information.
    Payment is by credit card only.
    A security code is required.

  • ⑥Purchase confirmation

    A purchase confirmation screen will appear, so if you agree, please press the "Purchase" button.

  • ⑦Purchase completed/ticket display

    *If you have purchased multiple tickets, they will be displayed consecutively at the bottom.
    *Tickets can be distributed by QR code. In
    addition to sending emails, you can also share screenshots on LINE, etc.

  • Ticket division

    Information about purchased tickets can be shared via email.



  1. Cancellation/refund fee: Free
  2. Partial refunds for set tickets: Refunds cannot be made after use begins.
  3. Purchase date and refund date: If the purchase date and refund date are different, your card may be charged.

Number of purchasers/unit/ticket division

The representative should make the bulk purchase. You can purchase various tickets in one operation.
Tickets can also be split. (Please divide by yourself)

Reservations and purchase details cannot be changed.

The date of use, number of people, ticket type, and reservation time cannot be changed. I will get a refund and purchase again.

  • Please consult with the staff at each facility to change the hours of Magma Clay Spa and Enzyme Hot Spa.