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to the world's only health promotion park!

The Wellness Resort "ASO KENKO NO MORI" and ''Aso Genki Forest'' produced by ASO Farm Land are developed and operated by the''Aso National Park Health Forest Group'' with approval from various governments such as the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and Kumamoto Prefecture. It is a comprehensive health promotion park.

In order to achieve ''true health'' that is healthy for both body and mind, we will provide as many people as possible with an environment and food that will help them ''build their bodies and minds'' so that they are less susceptible to illness, based on the health promotion philosophy established by the government and academic experts. We have set this as our philosophy and are working hard to realize that philosophy.

In the majestic nature of Aso, through the six pillars of ''healthy exercise,'' ''three meals a day,'' ''mental healing,'' ''staying in a dome,'' ''experiences and learning,'' and ''shopping unique to Aso,''Our goal is to help each customer find a way to improve their health that is suitable for each individual, and to help them realize the importance and wonder of health through hands-on experience, and to utilize this experience in their daily healthy lives.

We offer safe and special facilities and services that no one else has, so that everyone can have a fun and authentic health experience, and we welcome our customers with energetic and bright customer service and beautifully maintained facilities.

Our wishes

Take the first step towards an irreplaceable future healthy lifestyle

Our hope is for you to take a step back from your daily life, face yourself, acquire the knowledge to extend your "healthy lifespan," and take the first step towards an irreplaceable healthy life.

This is not a place to treat illnesses, but a place where you can maintain and improve your current state of health while firmly considering what you should do to avoid getting sick.

At Wellness Resort "ASO KENKO NO MORI" and ''Aso Genki Forest'', we offer a variety of facilities to help you relax your mind and body, learn about your own health status, and take advantage of various learnings that will be useful for your future life. We offer opportunities for you to build the foundations of your health at your own pace while experiencing the experience.

To continue living a healthy and fulfilling life

Japan is facing serious problems such as a declining birthrate, an aging population, and the stress brought on by modern society.

In order for the rapidly increasing number of elderly people and the children who will be responsible for the future to continue to live healthy and spiritually fulfilling lives, each and every citizen must have the awareness that they are responsible for their own health. It is especially important to be aware of and practice healthy habits in your daily life.

To this end, we are located in a wonderful location surrounded by nature in the Aso Kuju National Park, and in a healthy environment rich in the blessings of nature nurtured by the land of Aso. We have created a variety of health facilities and places for experiential learning that are carefully thought out from the perspective of health professionals, centering on the major elements of exercise, healing, and nutrition.

“Enjoy and challenge your physical strength and experience the joy of moving your body.”
“While receiving the power of nature throughout your body, you can balance your autonomic nervous system and relieve stress in your mind and body through a healing experience.”
As a facility where you can learn and experience things like ''tasting fresh, living ingredients cooked in a healthy way and increasing your awareness of healthy eating while getting a well-balanced amount of nutrition into your body,'' we have created a facility that has been devised in a variety of ways. It has been.

Health experts
Supervised by “Japan Academic Institute for Health Promotion”

As we enter a super-aging society, there is a need to improve the quality of medical care, food, and facilities in order to maintain a healthy society.

At ASO Farm Land, under the supervision of the Japan Institute for Health Promotion, we strive to create safe and secure products and facilities that show the roots of our products so that our customers can experience real health. Therefore, we are conducting joint research with experts who have agreed to the development, and we are conducting surveys, research, and demonstrations day and night to ensure that you can use the products and services of "Great Wellness Resort "ASO KENKO NO MORI" and ”Aso Genki Forest'' with peace of mind. It is working.

Health initiatives