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Relaxation Experience Room

  • Day trip area

Experience the ultimate healing space and your own healing space

Enjoy a carefully selected healing space.
A new sense of relaxation space, a moment of exquisite healing...
Why not enjoy a relaxing and luxurious time in a space just for you that will revitalize your health?

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Equipment list

  • Reservations are required on-site. Please make a reservation at the Relax Experience Room counter.
  • Aqua titanium bath capsule

    Surrounded by the light of Phiten's unique ”kenkoyoku'' and aqua metal, refresh your body with highly concentrated oxygen.

    Health points
    Normalizes disturbances in "biological current" and relieves muscle tension. You can fall into a deep sleep and wake up feeling better.
  • Oxygen capsule

    It increases the air pressure inside the capsule, takes in oxygen that cannot be taken in by breathing alone, and activates cell metabolism.

    Health points
    Increases metabolism. Recover from fatigue. Vision restored. Improvement of sensitivity to cold. Improve concentration
  • Foot light

    Warm up with ”kenkoyoku'' and ”heater'' to relax your leg muscles.

    Health points
    Normalizes disturbances in "biological current" and relieves tension in leg muscles.
  • Tocare

    A massage device that stimulates the area between the toes.

    Health points
    Conditions the toes, promotes blood circulation, and relieves fatigue. Such
  • Sorachi

    A massage device that works on the "metatarsal" arches and inner muscles of the soles of the feet.

    Health points
    Recover from fatigue. Promote blood circulation. Relief of muscle pain and neuralgia. Such
  • Sorachi hand stretcher

    A hand care device that uses the opposite of "grasping" and "grabbing" motions, "kenkoyoku" and "compression functions" to bend the fingertips of the hand and widen the palm. Certified health promotion device product.

    Health points
    Recommended for people who use their hands a lot. Your hands will feel lighter and refreshed.

Effects/influences on mind and body

  • LED light is also good for treating cancer, and by being wrapped in Phiten's unique Aqua Metal, it normalizes disturbances in the body's "biological current." It helps to relieve muscle tension, promote blood circulation, and recover from fatigue, leaving your body in a stress-free state. On the day I experienced it, I was able to fall into a natural sleep, and woke up refreshed the next day. You can experience the ideal sleep.