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GENKI-Kitchen Restaurant

  • Day trip area

Enjoy light meals, sweets, Dippin' Dots ice cream, and more from a seat with a great view.

A restaurant with a view where you can feel the four seasons. After playing in the GENKI NO MORI, it's time to relax and
take a break. You can also enjoy light meals (curry, grilled rice balls, pasta), sweets, and Dippin' Dots ice cream.

Enjoy the new texture ice cream dippin'dots!

Even though it's ice cream, it has a new, smooth texture that makes you addicted to it.It
has a cute, bead-encrusted texture!
Enjoy our special original ice cream just for you...

Snack space where you can enjoy the scenery of Aso

If you get tired in the GENKI NO MORI, take a break with sweets and snacks.
It's a great location overlooking Mt. Aso.

Inside the store/menu gallery

  • Contents may change depending on season and stock availability.

Effects/influences on mind and body

  • Eating in a location close to nature is expected to have not only health benefits such as promoting blood circulation and metabolism, but also psychological healing effects such as on the autonomic nervous system, and can also lead to stress relief. Furthermore, the secretion of oxytocin and serotonin, known as happy hormones, increases, making you feel very satisfied.


Our bodies are made from the food we eat every day.

Message from experts

Humans cannot eat or escape from health problems throughout their lives.
It is important to know what to eat, how much, and how to eat it, that is, which ingredients and how to cook it.
I want to experience and learn every day in the modern food environment and establish an image of eating deliciously and enjoyably.

Registered dietitian, Nakayamadera Maimai Clinic / Japan Mibyou System Society, Mibyo specialist instructor

Ms. Chizue Kumashiro

Japan Health Promotion Academic Organization Official Website