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OOASO Restaurant

  • Day trip area

A healthy buffet that clearly shows nutrients and calories

A healthy buffet in Aso where you can enjoy the blessings of nature. The beautiful mountains of Aso can be seen throughout the four seasons from the large glass windows inside the store. Please enjoy a relaxing and delicious time in an open space.

Menu supervised by a registered dietitian

A menu supervised by a registered dietitian that will please your body. Calories and nutritional values are displayed in detail, so you can maintain your health from the inside out with nutritionally appropriate meals.

Boost your immunity with vegetables from our own farm

You can also enjoy plenty of “live vegetables” grown at our own farm! Practicing a diet that improves the intestinal environment and increases immunity will also lead to a longer healthy lifespan. Boost your immunity and aim to be beautiful and healthy from the inside out.

Spacious and comfortable space

You can enjoy your meal slowly in the large restaurant that can accommodate over 300 people at a time. The large glass windows offer a beautiful view of Aso. Surrounding yourself with food will soothe your soul.

Inside the store/menu gallery

  • Contents may change depending on season and stocking.

Effects/influences on mind and body

  • The sample amount of 50 kcal per item and the calorie and nutritional value are clearly indicated.

  • A healthy buffet that your body will enjoy thoroughly supervised by a registered dietitian

  • Enjoying food while looking out at nature will also satisfy your soul.


Our bodies are made from the food we eat every day.

Message from experts

Humans cannot eat or escape from health problems throughout their lives.
It is important to know what to eat, how much, and how to eat it, that is, which ingredients and how to cook it.
I want to experience and learn every day in the modern food environment and establish an image of eating deliciously and enjoyably.

Registered dietitian, Nakayamadera Maimai Clinic / Japan Mibyou System Society, Mibyo specialist instructor

Ms. Chizue Kumashiro

Japan Health Promotion Academic Organization Official Website