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Fermented Food Souvenir Shop

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Stay healthy from the inside out with fruit vinegar and fermented foods

It is a fermented food that can be expected to improve the intestinal environment, increase immunity, prevent diseases, and beautify the skin.
We have a wide variety of foods made by fermenting ingredients using the action of microorganisms. We also recommend fermented vinegar drinks made with homemade fruits.
Among them, easy-to-drink fruit vinegars such as strawberry, grape, and apple are popular.

Popular product introduction

  • original drinking vinegar

    It can be diluted 5 times and mixed with water, hot water, carbonated water, milk, or soy milk. You can also enjoy it deliciously by pouring it over yogurt or ice cream. Vinegar has a diet effect, alleviates the rise in blood sugar levels, and can also be expected to improve the intestinal environment and have a whitening effect. It is also expected to have antibacterial effects and relieve fatigue.

  • Amazake

    It is rich in B vitamins, glucose, essential amino acids, and contains dietary fiber, so it is recommended for summer fatigue and nutritional supplementation. Adjust the intestinal environment and improve immunity. Although it is full of nutrients, it is low in calories, so it is effective for dieting. Rich in vitamins for beautiful skin and hair. Koji bacteria has a fatigue recovery effect.

  • pickled vegetables

    I made pickles because I wanted to preserve Kumamoto's vegetables, which was a waste because they were thrown away because they didn't look good. Combined with the power of vinegar, you can enjoy delicious vegetables.

  • garlic products

    We also carry products that are said to be good for recovering from fatigue, smoothing the blood, relieving coldness, and boosting immunity.