[Official] ASO Farm Land - An experiential theme park with a health theme

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Mind-Refreshing Activities

  • Accommodation area

Multi-purpose sports area with each room having its own characteristics

There is an area where you can try lying down exercises and Pilates that you can easily do at home, and you can work up a sweat and refresh yourself with table tennis, billiards, and mini-ground golf with your spouse or friends.
In addition, it is a relaxation and refreshment area where you can enjoy a total of 9 different experiences such as VR cycling, Tai Chi, and meditation at your own pace while watching a 150-inch large screen.

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Area introduction

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  • Nine areas are available, each with a different theme.
    Each area has the necessary equipment for use.

  • Pelvic gymnastics/Pilates building

    [Pelvic exercises] Improves pelvic distortion, lower back pain, stiff shoulders, and swelling. It also has the effect of relieving constipation and shaping the waist, back, and hips.
    [Pilates] Balances the muscles and the whole body and maintains correct posture. This creates a body that is less susceptible to injury.

    Health points
    Flexibility/stress relief
  • Lying down gymnasium

    Light stretching promotes blood circulation and lymph flow. By relaxing your mind and body and giving your brain a rest, it reduces mental and physical stress and promotes a good night's sleep.

    Health points
    Flexibility/stress relief
  • Cycling hall

    Aerobic exercise helps you lose weight, improves lower body strength, and relieves stress. It also gives you a pleasant feeling of fatigue, which improves the quality of your sleep.
    Other benefits include strengthening internal organs, improving cardiopulmonary function and endurance, and activating the brain.

    Health points
    Leg strength/brain activation
  • Meditation hall

    It has mental stability, stress reduction, and diet effects. It is also expected to improve brain functions such as thinking ability, memory, and concentration, and prevent high blood pressure and heart disease through its relaxing effects.

    Health points
    Stress relief/thinking/concentration
  • Tai Chi Hall

    The relaxing effects of tai chi's slow movements make the parasympathetic nervous system dominant. This will relieve stress and insomnia, refresh your mind and body, increase metabolism, improve stiff shoulders and lower back pain, and promote blood circulation.

    Health points
    Leg strength, stress relief, core strength, balance strength
  • Table tennis hall

    By continuing to rally, you can develop your insight and thinking skills. It also improves leg strength, arm strength, and whole body exercise.

    Health points
    Whole body exercise, insight, arm strength, leg strength
  • グランドゴルフ館

    Playing ground golf increases the number of steps taken per day and the amount of physical activity, maintains muscle strength in the lower limbs, and maintains motor functions such as standing and walking. You can train your balance and core muscles.

    Health points
    Improving motor function, balance, and core
  • Brain training hall

    Brain training is often used to prevent cognition and maintain thinking ability, especially among the elderly. It also helps relieve stress, refresh your mind and body, and maintain your health.

    Health points
    Thinking ability, memory ability, concentration ability
  • Billiard hall

    Moving your limbs, following the ball with your eyes, and the actions caused by the sphere provide good stimulation to your brain, which helps prevent blur.

    Health points
    Concentration, thinking ability, brain activation


Know your body and maintain effective health.

Message from experts

Physical activity can reduce the risk of obesity and lifestyle-related diseases, and can be expected to have a preventive effect against diseases. It also helps to change your mood and relieve stress, and is effective in primary prevention of mental health disorders. Create plenty of opportunities for physical activity that suit your individual lifestyle and physical condition. By taking measurements at the Physical Fitness Age Measurement Center, you can learn about your physical fitness from various angles. By understanding the characteristics of your leisure time, you will not only be able to exercise more effectively and efficiently, but also be aware of the challenges and ways to enjoy exercise. You can also learn about exercises that don't put stress on your body.
Please take regular measurements and notice the changes in your body.

Lecturer, Sports Humanities and Applied Social Studies, Kanoya University of Physical Education
Health and Physical Education Education Dance Education
Ph.D. (Physical Education and Sports Studies)

Ms. Chikako Kakoi

Japan Health Promotion Academic Organization Official Website