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Knowing who you are now is the first step towards good health
An important time to face your body from the ground up.

Health is important. This is what we all think in common.
However, there are few opportunities to seriously learn about health.
I'm still fine now. I'll think about it when I'm a little older. I know it's important, but...
People only appreciate their health when they become ill. As we get older, staying healthy can be a challenge. However, what if you knew how to maintain your health and how to prevent it before you got sick and put it into practice?
The stress of going to the hospital, the stress of pain, etc. are extremely stressful in our daily lives. At ''Natural Aso Health Forest/Healthy Resort "ASO GENKI NO MORI", we offer suggestions for daily life that will help you build a body that is less likely to get sick, and maintain and maintain your health, with the keyword ''pre-disease.''
Why not join us and experience what you can do to maintain a rich and healthy life?