[Official] ASO Farm Land - An experiential theme park with a health theme

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  • Day trip area

Full of safe sweets made at the on-site sweets factory and
delicious Kumamoto sweets and specialty products!

The largest shop in the park. There are souvenirs and homemade sweets unique to Aso. The bright interior of the store is full of playthings, with a large Kumamon figurine and a huge milk bottle monument, and is filled with homemade sweets made with ASOMILK milk, which won three stars at a food competition around the world, as well as other items that make perfect souvenirs. Lots of things.

Corner introduction

  • Popular homemade sweets

    In addition to homemade sweets such as the popular souvenir "Kokosei Cheesecake 1592 (Higokuuni)", Aso Farmland's standard sweet "Camembert Cheesecake", and "Asorindo Pudding", we also have other Kumamoto specialties as souvenirs. It's fulfilling.

  • Soft serve ice cream/gelato corner

    We offer milk soft serve ice cream and a wide variety of gelato made with milk ''ASOMILK'', which received three stars in a world contest.

  • Kumamoto special products corner

    We offer Kumamoto specialties such as horse sashimi and processed horse meat products, as well as Aso takana and mustard lotus root.

  • original photo booth

    Original photo booth only here in the world!
    Full-body photography, pre-movies, and cell phone image transmission are also available. Please use it as a memory of your trip.

  • UFO catcher "CHIBICHA"

    A cute UFO catcher corner where you can welcome many animals.
    Limited edition animals are very popular.