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Fully rotate your head and body! Experience health in a 100,000 tsubo area of nature

GENKI NO MORI, a nature-integrated experience area, is a health-oriented exercise facility where you can make the most of both your body and brain and improve your health in the midst of nature.
This exercise equipment was created by making use of 30,000 square meters of natural forests and valleys, and is designed to help children, adults, and the elderly improve their health according to their physical strength and age. Masu.
You can improve your health while having fun and taking on challenges. Please enjoy these mysterious devices to the fullest.

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Map & Course

  • GENKI NO MORI has 60 exercise attractions aimed at improving health.
    You can use them in numerical order starting from the start.
    It will take approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes to clear everything.
    According to age and physical strength●■▲★We also have standard courses, so you can choose one.

    Course introduction

    Energetic enjoyment course

    Energy improvement course

    Healthy body
    Making course

    Genki walking course

    Number of attractions
    Number of attractions
    Number of attractions
    Number of attractions
    Physical age
    Under 34 years old
    Physical age
    35 to 50 years old
    Physical age/dt>
    50 to 65 years old
    Physical age
    Over 66 years old

    *Course details can be confirmed on-site.

Attraction introduction

Carefully read the instructions and precautions for each device, and if you find it difficult, feel free to pass and proceed. When visiting the park, we recommend that you wear clothes suitable for exercise.
If you want to experience all the attractions, please enjoy it slowly for about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours.
To prevent injury, be sure to do warm-up exercises before starting.

  • Giant maze Derenken labyrinth

    If you get lost, you won't be able to get out...!? A gigantic maze that takes advantage of the cone-shaped terrain, which stretches over 1km in length.

    Health points
    Memory, judgment, leg strength
  • King slider

    Japan's largest slide with a total length of 80m. Slide down a big slope while sitting on a jute bag! An overwhelming sense of freedom and an exhilarating thrill!

    Health points
    Increase lower body strength
    • Usage fee (*extra charge): 500 yen (includes rental of helmet, elbow pads, gloves, and jute bag)
  • Number steps

    Step in the order of the numbers! There are many routes!

    Health points
    Leg strength/judgment
  • Slice of forest

    Use your body flexibly to look carefully and pass between the pillars!

    Health points
    Body flexibility
  • Uneven hill

    Balance and get over the uneven log!

    Health points
    Improve balance and lower body leg strength
  • Bumpy bridge

    Let's advance and pass through while maintaining balance!

    Health points
    Grip strength/judgment
  • Red wall labyrinth

    Take on the challenge of a continuous maze with long walls that pass through several rooms!

    Health points
  • Frozen top

    Climb to the top and descend, being careful on the steep slope!

    Health points
    Leg strength/judgment
  • Stone valley

    Let's move on the rocky path that is difficult to walk on! A sense of balance is important!

    Health points
    Balance, attention, concentration
  • Gliding waves

    Climb onto the big slippery waves and successfully overcome them!

    Health points
    Leg strength/balance
  • Running up valley

    Dash up the hill! Instant power is important!

    Health points
    Leg strength/instantaneous power
  • forest of silence

    Pass through the fallen trees and aim for the exit!

    Health points
  • Log range

    Climb up and over the large slippery log.

    Health points
    Judgment, flexibility, etc.
  • Ford bar

    A big wire hole where you can walk half-heartedly.

    Health points
    Sense of balance etc.
  • Twisted line/Twisted path

    Keep your balance and move forward on the wide slope without falling.

    Health points
    Leg strength/lower body flexibility
  • wall of stagnation

    Wall climbing where you are firmly caught on a twisted wall.

    Health points
    Flexibility/back/arm muscles
  • Air forest

    Let's look for the invisible exit by pushing through the giant ball.

    Health points
    Judgment, flexibility, etc.
  • Pipeline

    Get over and under the vipes of different heights for a full body workout.

    Health points
  • Bone cave

    Bend and stretch your body to move along the curved pipe.

    Health points
  • Rolling funnel

    Try to balance your way through the large rotating cylinder.

    Health points
    Sense of balance/equilibrium
  • Stretch cave

    Stretch forward by rhythmically extending your limbs by pressing the buttons of the same color.

    Health points
    Flexibility etc.
  • Worm breed

    Try to hold on to the bent stick and try not to fall.

    Health points
    Strengthening arm muscles, etc.
  • Lot acceptance

    Throw the ball into the hole. Where will it fall from the hole on the other side? Let's catch it at the right time! !

    Health points
    Instant power, concentration, etc.
  • Twinstead line

    Pass through the countless ropes stretched across each other.

    Health points
    Flexibility, judgment, etc.
  • The gateway to grief

    There are a lot of giant bumps built on the slope! Let's get over them and move on.

    Health points
    Leg strength/lower body flexibility
  • Uneven place

    Twist your body and go through the countless rings that intersect in various ways.

    Health points
    Judgment, flexibility, etc.


  • Business hours may change depending on the season.
  • Target age is 4 years old and above. (Some devices are suitable for elementary school students and above)
  • Infants aged 3 and under can enter for free. However, please use it to the extent that you can comfortably experience it under the supervision of your parents.
  • Children must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Restrooms and rest areas are available on site.
  • King Slider may be closed without notice due to slope conditions due to weather, maintenance work, etc. Please check with GENKI NO MORI staff on the day of operation for business status.


Know your body and maintain effective health.

Message from experts

Physical activity can reduce the risk of obesity and lifestyle-related diseases, and can be expected to have a preventive effect against diseases. It also helps to change your mood and relieve stress, and is effective in primary prevention of mental health disorders. Create plenty of opportunities for physical activity that suit your individual lifestyle and physical condition. By taking measurements at the Physical Fitness Age Measurement Center, you can learn about your physical fitness from various angles. By understanding the characteristics of your leisure time, you will not only be able to exercise more effectively and efficiently, but also be aware of the challenges and ways to enjoy exercise. You can also learn about exercises that don't put stress on your body.
Please take regular measurements and notice the changes in your body.

Lecturer, Sports Humanities and Applied Social Studies, Kanoya University of Physical Education
Health and Physical Education Education Dance Education
Ph.D. (Physical Education and Sports Studies)

Ms. Chikako Kakoi

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