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Japan Health Promotion Academic Organization

A health theme park built based on the philosophy of health promotion

Produced by General Incorporated Association Japan Health Promotion Academic Organization

Japan Health Promotion Academic Organization, a general incorporated association, conducts research, demonstration, and dissemination of information on high-quality services based on preventive medicine for the wide range of people living in Japan, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of physical and mental health. Established. As we enter a super-aging society, and in order to maintain a healthy society, it is necessary to improve the quality of medical care, food, facilities, and the environment. Based on the philosophy of health promotion proposed by the government and academics, our academic institution is We strive to put our philosophy into practice by providing an environment and food that will help us build our bodies and minds so that we are less susceptible to illness.


Chairman, Japan Institute for Health Promotion

Kinichi Kidoguchi

100,000km, 100,000 times, do you know what the numbers are?

The former is the total length of connected blood vessels in a person's entire body, and the latter is the number of heart beats per day. It is said that people age along with their blood vessels.

In order for a person's organs to remain active and work smoothly in response to ever-changing conditions, it is important to maintain the basic functions of the body in good condition.

I believe that "being healthy" does not mean "not being sick," but rather, "being able to live with dignity, both physically and mentally, in a social environment." I am.

Now is the time for people to think about their own health and to have an opportunity to review their lifestyle habits.

The Wellness Resort "ASO KENKO NO MORI" and Healthy Resort "ASO GENKI NO MORI", which we produced and comprehensively supervised, provide not only food, clothing, and shelter during your stay, but also exercise that you can enjoy like a game, measurement of health parameters, and stress on your body. Every aspect of the hotel is designed to help you take care of your own health, such as hot bath facilities that do not require heat.

We will continue to evolve as a facility that supports everyone's health based on the latest medical information and evidence.

For those who still think they are disease-free, and for those who feel old and declining in their daily lives, we hope that you will enjoy learning here, getting to know your current self, and renewing yourself in order to extend your healthy lifespan and enjoy your future. Would you like to take the first step towards a healthy life?

(Japan Academic Organization for Health Promotion) Member introduction

  • Kinichi Kidoguchi

    Welfare Association Clinic Chairman
    Certified industrial physician
    Honorary member of the Japanese Society for Disease Control and Prevention
    Certified medical doctor

  • Yoshihiro Fukuo

    Director, Japan Institute for Health Promotion
    Director, Institute of Gerontology, Hakujikai Foundation
    medical doctor

  • Satoshi Onodera

    Director, Medical Research Institute for Curable Diseases
    Director of Chimibyo General Treatment Clinic
    Doctor of Medicine/Psychodialogueist

  • Kuniyoshi Shimizu

    Director, Japan Institute for Health Promotion
    Kyushu University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Forestry and Environmental Resource Science Associate Professor Doctor of Agriculture

  • Chikara Sakaguchi

    Specially Appointed Professor/Doctor of Medicine, Tokyo Medical University School of Medicine
    (Former) Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare

  • Masaaki Sugita

    Professor, Faculty of Physical Education, Nippon Sport Science University (Sports Science/Training Science)/Doctor of Science

  • Makiko Kudo

    Matsumura Dog and Cat Hospital Veterinarian

  • Koichiro Onuki

    Userlifescience (CEO)

  • Kumashiro Chizue

    Nakayamadera Maimai Clinic Registered Dietitian Japanese Society for Mibyo Mibyo Specialist Instructor

  • Dai Ayusawa

    Professor Emeritus, Yokohama City University, Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Life Nanosystem Science, Doctor of Agriculture

  • Kanae Oyama

    Kan-Z Co., Ltd. Representative Director Registered Dietitian

  • Tomoe Yamamoto

    Yoga therapist

  • Toshio Omori

    Professor Emeritus, Kokugakuin University

  • Masami Goto

    Kanazawa Institute of Technology Faculty of Environment and Architecture Professor (Earthquake Engineering/Disaster Prevention) Doctor of Engineering

  • Kensuke Miki

    Yokohama City University, Institute for Life Nanosystem Science, Longevity Science Laboratory, Specially Appointed Assistant Professor/Doctor of Science

  • Chikako Kakoi

    Associate Professor, Department of Sports Humanities and Applied Social Sciences, Kanoya University of Physical Education, Doctor of Physical Education and Sports, Health Exercise Instructor

  • Tomoo Matsuda

    Kochi University Visiting Professor

  • Yoshimi Benno

    Chairman, Benno Intestinal Flora Research Institute
    Honorary Researcher, RIKEN, National Research and Development Agency
    Doctor of Agriculture, Microbiologist

  • Takayuki Fujiwara

    Tohoku Fukushi University Specially Appointed Professor (Health Science/Rehabilitation Medicine)/Doctor of Medicine/Engineering

  • Miki Ishii

    Traditional Indian Medicine Ayurveda School Salon ROPANA JAPAN Representative

  • Kalihihior Okamaire Shizuyo

    Sponsored by Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian Dance Studio Halauokamaile/Certified U.S. Psychotherapy Therapist/Sleep Therapist

  • Shinobu Sato

    Kuzuha Integrative Medicine Clinic Chairman

  • Isao Nakagawa

    Japan Society of Health and Longevity Applied Medicine Chairman/Salt Meister

  • Koji Murata

    Professor/Doctor of Medicine, Graduate School of Nursing, Sanyo Gakuen University

  • Hiroyuki Hanada

    Rinku General Medical Center Laboratory Department/Wellness Research Center

  • Naoya Mori


  • Kazuhisa Yatsunami

    Chairman of the Japanese Society of Health and Longevity Applied Medicine / Chairman of the Health Function Labeling Supplements Association / Doctor of Fisheries Science / Japan Society for Mibyo Medicine, Mibyo Specialist Instructor

  • Daiki Jimbo

    Lecturer, Department of Microanatomy, Showa University School of Medicine

  • Hideyuki Sekiguchi

    Representative of Aoyama Triathlon Club/Representative Director of EARTH General Incorporated Association

  • Eri Watanabe

    Social Health Doctor of Medicine Master of Public Health

  • Motto Tsushima

    Auditor, Japanese Society for Mibyou System/Honorary Chairman, T Care Clinic Hamamatsucho

  • Mitsuko Kidoguchi

    Oketani Breast Management Certification/Midwife

  • Hideki Nakakuma

    Wakayama Medical University Professor Emeritus Doctor of Medicine

  • Tomonobu Sakurai

    Toin Yokohama University Sports Science Researcher Professor/PhD (Exercise Physiology)

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