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Healthy and healing parks and resorts

Mind and health

Maintenance for the “heart” too

Heal your body, heal your mind. Suggest a relaxing time.

Everyone has their own way of healing their mind after taking a break from work and daily life, such as traveling, hot springs, and movies.
However, I think we all agree that you can refresh your mind by relaxing your body without worrying about time.

At Nature Aso Health Forest, you can enjoy a leisurely stay of 3 nights or 4 days or more, checking your body as much as time allows, learning about health, and experiencing it.
This is not just because we are concerned about physical health. We want you to forget about time and take your time at our various hot springs and relaxation facilities, and maintain your mind and body by using your time luxuriously.

Mental fatigue doesn't come out easily, but just like your body is tired, your mind is also tired. Mental fatigue can only be healed by truly relaxing.
Why not make time to get serious about your health?

Various facilities that soothe your soul

ASO Healthy Hot Spa "KAZAN ONSEN"

Accommodation area

A hot spring facility that boasts a large scale of 1,000 square meters for both men and women. In the open outdoor area, you can experience nature with your whole body on the 150m long boardwalk, and enjoy 15 different hot bathing styles.

Healthy Bedrock Bath "13 KINDS SAUNA"

Accommodation area

The luxurious interior is inspired by a Moroccan palace, and there are 13 types of heated kilns filled with natural materials such as medicinal herbs and rock salt. Refresh your mind and body while touring 13 heated kilns.

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Dome Bedrock Reduction Bath, Enzyme Hot Spa, Oxygen Relaxing Dome, etc.

The Dome Bedrock Reduction Baths include the ”Ceramic Plate Bath,'' which warms the inside of your body with gentle heat, the ”Jewel Bath,'' which has the power and feel of glittering stones, and the ”Rock Plant Bath,'' where you are surrounded by a soothing herbal mist. .

Health initiatives