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Relax and rest by sleeping deeply in the midst of nature

The round dome-shaped guest rooms (Aso Farm Village) are located in the great nature of the national park, and are a peaceful space with all rooms separated. The simple yet modern interior of the guest room feels like a mother's womb, and the quietness of the forest allows you to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take a deep breath with your whole body.
By spending a gentle moment in a room with no round corners and sleeping peacefully, you can restore your mind to the vitality necessary for good health.

  • Royal Zone

    Royal Zone

    Luxury area with gated and private garden
    A relaxing stay that feels like a villa

    In the Royal Zone, where all rooms have private gardens, you can feel a more private space, and the interior is a higher class area with white as the main color.
    It's like stepping into a foreign land, and you can slowly reset your mind and body in this extraordinary experience.
    *The zone is relatively close to the front desk and hot spring facilities.

  • Village Zone

    Village Zone

    A perfect location surrounded by the majestic nature of Aso.

    A perfect location surrounded by the majestic nature of Aso. A dome-shaped hotel in the forest that takes full advantage of the natural topography. Although there are over 300 rooms, each guest room has a different taste. The room is surrounded by trees, a stream, and a breeze from the highlands.
    By walking along the walking course, you can experience the ''comfortable sleep'' and ''peaceful rest'' that are essential for a healthy life.
    *Due to the vast site, please contact us in advance if you have difficulty walking.
    *A shuttle bus operates within the Village Zone area.
     (In some cases, there may be suspension of service.)

  • Dream Zone

    Dream Zone

    An exciting area filled with children's dreams
    Creating unforgettable, moving and wonderful memories

    A dragonfly, a soccer ball, and even a tree house! There are 26 dome-shaped guest rooms, each with a character design.
    ''I want to live in a place like this!'' This is a ''Dream Zone'' where your child's dreams will surely come true.
    *This is an area separate from the Village and Royal Zone.


  • Yukata for children can be rented at the front desk.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • There are no barrier-free rooms.
  • All rooms are non-smoking.
  • Click here for cancellation policyYou can check it.


Excellent features of the dome house

The seismic performance of dome houses proven in the Kumamoto earthquake

The Kumamoto Earthquake in April 2016 occurred in the middle of the night, and although there were several hundred guests staying at the hotel on that day, there was no damage to the dome collapse and no injuries. It was used as a secondary evacuation center for those affected by the earthquake, as it withstood a magnitude 7 earthquake, was safe against aftershocks, and was comfortable.

Excellent features of the dome house

  • Energy-saving buildings

    It has high insulation properties and is less susceptible to external influences, so it has the energy-saving effect of being able to adjust the room temperature with less energy. Also, the dome shape, which reduces heat loss, enhances its effectiveness.

  • Earthquake resistant

    It is extremely lightweight and has a low center of gravity, making it far less likely to collapse than a typical building. Additionally, because of its simple structure, there are no pillars and the roof will not fall down, so a safe space can be maintained even during strong shaking.

  • Excellent durability

    The dome shape is the most stable shape structurally. Furthermore, polystyrene foam does not rust or rot unless it is affected by ultraviolet rays, chemicals, heat, etc., and it does not change semi-permanently.

  • Environmental measures

    The dome house is made of expanded polystyrene. Polystyrene foam is made only of carbon and hydrogen, and is extremely clean and energy-saving to mold. Dome houses are kind to both the people who live there and the global environment.