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Hot spring etiquette/how to enter

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Please follow the bathing etiquette and enjoy the hot springs.

There is no absolute correct way to bathe in a hot spring, but there are general bathing methods and etiquette.
By following these guidelines while bathing, you and those around you can enjoy a relaxing and comfortable bath.

How to enter a hot spring

  • Take a bath
    About 10 cups in the following order: legs → arms → waist → stomach → right shoulder → left shoulder → chest → back → neck
    Suppresses the rise in blood pressure. Furthermore, taking a ”kaburiyu'' (covering your head) is effective in preventing anemia and hot flashes.

  • Soak in hot water for about 5 minutes
    Start bathing gradually, starting with a half-body bath. Submerge your body up to your belly in the bathtub, then lower your body little by little.

  • Get out of the bath and wash your body

  • Bathing
    We have posted bathing programs according to your health condition, so please take advantage of them.

  • Repeat bathing and resting
    If you enjoy bathing for a long time, be careful of hot flashes and take appropriate breaks.

  • Wipe water droplets with a towel after bathing
    To avoid washing away the hot spring ingredients, wipe off any water droplets with a towel after bathing without rinsing.

  • Hydration
    Hydrate to compensate for sweating caused by bathing.

  • Get plenty of rest
    In order to calm down the physical energy consumption and blood pressure fluctuations caused by bathing, please be careful not to let the water get cold and take a rest.

Bathing etiquette

  • Cameras and cell phones are not allowed

  • People with tattoos are not allowed to take a bath.

  • Please be quiet while taking a bath.

  • Please keep an eye on your child

  • Stay hydrated before and after bathing

  • After drinking, please sober up before entering.

  • Please take off your underwear and swimwear when bathing.

  • Take a bath before entering the bath

  • Don't take a bath immediately after eating, wait until later to take a bath.

  • After exercising, take a sufficient rest before taking a bath.

  • Don't jump into the bathtub

  • Do not wash your body in the bathtub

  • Do not put towels in the bathtub

  • Mixed bathing for children over 7 years old is not allowed.

  • Do not swim in the bathtub

  • Do not wash clothes or underwear in the bathtub

  • After sauna, sweat and then take a cold bath.

  • Please dry yourself before returning to the changing room

  • Do not take a shower while standing in the washing area

  • Avoid bathing when you are not feeling well


A hot bath that awakens your body's original power while enjoying the blessings of nature.

Rejuvenate your body from the inside out with the effects of a healthy hot bath

Health and mental state are so closely related that it is said that stress lowers the immune system.
Wellness Resort "ASO KENKO NO MORI" offers elaborately designed health hot baths where you can experience nature. Please use any combination according to your purpose and physical condition.

Message from experts

When you warm up your body, endorphins, a chemical in your brain, are secreted, which makes you feel relaxed and happy, increasing your sense of well-being.
In addition, the parasympathetic nervous system, which restores the body, becomes dominant, and it is expected that internal organ function and immune function will improve.

Yokohama City University, Institute for Life Nanosystem Science, Longevity Science Laboratory, Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Doctor of Science

Mr. Kensuke Miki

Japan Health Promotion Academic Organization Official Website