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  • Day trip area

A restaurant where you can enjoy healthy Akaushi beef nurtured by Mother Nature and local Kumamoto cuisine.

We have a seasonal menu that ranges from authentic to light fare, including dishes made with healthy Akaushi beef grown by Mother Nature and warm local cuisine that has been passed down in Kumamoto since ancient times.
Enjoy the gentle and delicious taste of nature while looking at the majestic mountains of Aso.

Health promotion support store Blue Circle Menu

The event is supervised by Kumamoto Prefecture with the aim of raising awareness about the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, and only menus that pass strict calorie calculations conducted by nutritionists are selected. The menu of "ASO KINOKOTEI Restaurant" is registered as a Blue Circle menu.

Salad buffet featuring fresh vegetables grown in-house

We offer a salad buffet of fresh vegetables grown without the use of pesticides. Healthy vegetables grown in Aso's cool underground water.

Inside the store/menu gallery

  • Contents may change depending on season and stocking.

Effects/influences on mind and body

  • We support health promotion with dishes made with healthy ingredients.

  • There is a salad buffet corner featuring fresh vegetables grown at the on-site farm.


Our bodies are made from the food we eat every day.

Message from experts

Humans cannot eat or escape from health problems throughout their lives.
It is important to know what to eat, how much, and how to eat it, that is, which ingredients and how to cook it.
I want to experience and learn every day in the modern food environment and establish an image of eating deliciously and enjoyably.

Registered dietitian, Nakayamadera Maimai Clinic / Japan Mibyou System Society, Mibyo specialist instructor

Ms. Chizue Kumashiro

Japan Health Promotion Academic Organization Official Website