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Enjoyment Fishing Land

  • Day trip area

Easy catch and release fishing experience

A large aquarium full of fish! However, the fish she catches are returned to the aquarium, so there is no need to take them home. Even those who have never fished can easily experience the fun.
Would you like to enjoy fishing with your children, grandchildren, and friends?
After you finish fishing, you can participate in a fun lottery (you can also take the fish home for an additional fee).

Photo gallery

Fish you can try fishing

  • Goldfish (small fish)

  • Nishikigoi (big fish)

Take-out fee

Basically, it is release fishing, but we also accept take-out fishing.

Goldfish (1 fish)
300 yen + consumption tax
Nishikigoi (1 carp)
500 yen + consumption tax
Big fish (1 fish)
1500 yen + consumption tax

Get lucky with the number of fish you catch!

You can enjoy lucky draws depending on the number of fish you catch.

1 to 19 animals
If more than 20 animals


  • We cannot be held responsible for any accidents in the store.
  • We cannot be held responsible for the amount of fish you catch.
  • Please refrain from reusing the rod.
  • Please be on time and enjoy
  • Please refrain from putting your hands or face into the aquarium.
  • Please hold on to your ticket until the end.
  • Customers with various discounts, please bring it with you at the time of checkout.

Effects/influences on mind and body

  • You can experience a relaxing moment while feeling the warmth of life.


Interacting with animals stimulates the heart

Effects of animal therapy

①Psychological effects
It has the effect of relieving tension and anxiety.
②Social effects
Animals can become an opportunity to interact with people, soften the atmosphere, and improve communication.
③Physiological effects
Petting an animal puts you in a relaxed state, stabilizing your blood pressure, controlling your heart rate, and reducing stress.

Effects on children

Interacting with animals that are smaller than you and cannot speak will help you develop compassion, kindness, and empathy for others. It also brings out children's social and cooperative skills. It is said that the period known as the ``socialization period,'' during which the human brain gains the ability to become accustomed to various things, ends by the age of 10. That is why it is highly expected that children have the opportunity to spend time with animals by the age of 10, which has a great impact on their brains and hearts, as a great educational effect.

Message from experts

Being with animals relaxes and heals
Research has shown that interacting with animals has positive effects such as relieving stress on the body and mind, and it is also used in medical institutions and welfare facilities as an animal care therapy. Animals don't speak, but they can be said to be silent counselors who can soothe people's hearts.

Matsumura Dog and Cat Hospital Veterinarian

Ms. Makiko Kudo

Japan Health Promotion Academic Organization Official Website