[Official] ASO Farm Land - An experiential theme park with a health theme

Healthy and healing parks and resorts

Day trip area

Play and experience nature to your heart's content

Healthy Resort

Surrounded by the great nature of Aso
Play, heal, enjoy food, and stay healthy!

“Healthy Resort "ASO GENKI NO MORI"” is an area that day-trippers can enjoy.
A health promotion park where everyone from children to seniors can enjoy exercise and relieve fatigue in the great outdoors.
Move your body to the fullest, interact with cute animals, and enjoy freshly harvested ingredients!
Having fun keeps your body and mind healthy.

Facility introduction



Regarding use of facilities

About parking lot

For day-trippers, please come from the day-tripper parking lot.

About fees and business hours

General information reception hours: 9:00-17:00 (open all year round)

Business hours and usage fees for each Healthy Resort "ASO GENKI NO MORI" facility vary depending on the facility.
Please purchase tickets for the facility you are using from the ticket vending machine at the general information desk.
*Guests staying at the hotel can purchase discount tickets at the ticket vending machine in front of the front desk.