[Official] ASO Farm Land - An experiential theme park with a health theme

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Notice ASO Healthy Hot Spa "KAZAN ONSEN" open-air bath area renovation work

Accommodation area

A dome-shaped hotel in the forest where you can feel the great outdoors

Natural Aso Health Forest
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Wellness Resort "ASO KENKO NO MORI" is
A health-themed experience facility where you can stay in a dome-shaped hotel

''Wellness Resort "ASO KENKO NO MORI"'' is an area that can be used by overnight guests.
This is a residential health promotion facility created for the purpose of ”learning and experiencing how to build a body to avoid getting sick.''
By learning and experiencing "health" at your own pace during your stay, you will be able to incorporate "what you should do to live a healthy life" into your future life, and achieve better health. We will make suggestions to help you enjoy your life.

3 types of dome-shaped hotels

Facility introduction

Regarding use of facilities

About parking lot

If you are staying at the hotel, please come from the parking lot reserved for guests.

About check-in/check-out

Check-in procedures begin at 9:00 a.m.
*Room keys will be handed over (entering the room) at the front desk from 16:00 (4:00 p.m.).

Please check out by 10:00 am.
We will keep your luggage free of charge even after check-out.