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Healthy Exercise Hall

  • Accommodation area

An all-weather health promotion facility where you can exercise in comfort while having fun.

This is an all-weather health promotion facility where you can build up your physical strength in a comfortable environment regardless of the season or weather.
The 15 types of exercise attractions display MetS (intensity and amount of physical activity) as an exercise guideline for health promotion, and you can experience the amount of exercise as an indicator for preventing lifestyle-related diseases.

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In-house equipment introduction

*Free rental shoes available

  • Twisting road

    Climb up, go down, and walk slowly along the bumpy and log paths.

    Health points
    Leg strength, balance, etc.
  • Walk hill

    Climb the steep slope and touch the goal button. There are 4 types from beginner to advanced.

    Health points
    Leg strength, balance, etc.
  • Rainbow stick

    Memorize the light that lights up in 7 colors and touch the pillar firmly.

    Health points
    Concentration, memory, balance, etc.
  • Dynamos spin

    Challenge yourself to see how far you can run within the time limit!

    Health points
    Leg strength, endurance, etc.
  • Jump & touch

    Touch the glowing button on the three enclosed walls. Jump on the high lights.

    Health points
    Concentration, agility, etc.
  • Crime crime

    Follow the rope and climb the slope like an adventurer.

    Health points
    Leg strength, balance, etc.
  • Super shot

    Shoot the ball into the glowing goal. Don't rush, take your time and decide.

    Health points
    Arm strength, concentration, etc.
  • Yurayura Road

    Follow the overhead rope and balance on the unstable path.

    Health points
    Leg strength, balance, etc.

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Effects/influences on mind and body

  • Athletic ability/muscle activation (leg strength, balance, concentration, agility, etc.)

  • You can experience the appropriate amount of exercise that helps prevent locomotive syndrome.

  • Exercising in a fun way helps you communicate with your family and friends.


Know your body and maintain effective health.

Message from experts

Physical activity can reduce the risk of obesity and lifestyle-related diseases, and can be expected to have a preventive effect against diseases. It also helps to change your mood and relieve stress, and is effective in primary prevention of mental health disorders. Create plenty of opportunities for physical activity that suit your individual lifestyle and physical condition. By taking measurements at the Physical Fitness Age Measurement Center, you can learn about your physical fitness from various angles. By understanding the characteristics of your leisure time, you will not only be able to exercise more effectively and efficiently, but also be aware of the challenges and ways to enjoy exercise. You can also learn about exercises that don't put stress on your body.
Please take regular measurements and notice the changes in your body.

Lecturer, Sports Humanities and Applied Social Studies, Kanoya University of Physical Education
Health and Physical Education Education Dance Education
Ph.D. (Physical Education and Sports Studies)

Ms. Chikako Kakoi

Japan Health Promotion Academic Organization Official Website