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Oxygen Relaxing Dome

  • Day trip area

Oxygen charge for 30 minutes in a healing dome with high concentration oxygen.

This is a relaxation dome that soothes your five senses while being surrounded by high concentration oxygen, aromatic scents, and soothing sounds on a spacious reclining sofa for one person.
In the dim light, you can relieve your mental and physical stress and enjoy a relaxing time. You can relax in a peaceful space with your clothes on. By taking in high-concentration oxygen in a relaxed state, you can expect various health benefits.

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Effects/influences on mind and body

  • It is said that relaxing in a high concentration of oxygen increases the oxygen concentration in the blood and activates the body.

  • By restoring your body to its original normal state, you can expect effects such as reducing body fat and blood sugar levels, and recovering from muscle fatigue.