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Physical Age Measurement Hall

  • Accommodation area

Measure various motor skills while moving your body in a fun game-like manner.

This is a facility where you can easily test your physical strength and age by trying out 7 types of exercise equipment.
The device is designed to provide a fun, game-like experience, and measures eight items including flexibility, stamina, memory, leg strength, balance, agility, explosive power, and reaction accuracy.

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In-house equipment introduction

*Free rental shoes available

  • Twister

    Twist your body by pressing the lights that light up on the pillars around you. Stretch your muscles and give them a good stretch.

    Health points
    Leg strength, flexibility, endurance, etc.
  • Ring stretch

    Look for the light on the arch and touch it while twisting your body. Instant power is also required.

    Health points
    Instantaneous power, flexibility, endurance, etc.
  • limbo wave

    A rope path that intersects many times. Go back and forth twice, using your head and body without touching the rope.

    Health points
    Flexibility, balance, agility, etc.
  • Push full

    Light buttons all over the wall. Quickly find where the light is and touch it while moving left and right.

    Health points
    Instantaneous power, endurance, agility, etc.

Comprehensive measurement result table

After the measurement, we will give each customer an individualized comprehensive measurement result table, which can be used as a guideline when incorporating exercise into your daily life.

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Mets (exercise intensity) displayed on all exercise equipment

What is the Mets?

A unit of intensity of exercise or physical activity.
The intensity of activity is measured by how many times more energy is consumed compared to when at rest (lying down or sitting comfortably).

What are the effects of exercise?

As we age, our bodies gradually age and weaken. It is said that increasing the amount of physical activity (exercise/lifestyle activities) is very effective in order to live a comfortable daily life without becoming bedridden in the future.

Physical activity that is performed in a planned and intermittent manner with the aim of maintaining and improving physical strength is called "exercise." It includes a wide variety of sports, including competitive sports and training.

daily life activities
Among physical activities, most activities performed in daily life other than exercise, such as work, housework, commuting to work or school, are referred to as "lifestyle activities."

Verification and measurement by Japan Health Promotion Academic Organization
Japan Institute for Health Promotion, General Incorporated Association

Professor Emeritus, Kokugakuin University

Mr.Toshio Omori

Toin Yokohama University
Professor/Doctor of Exercise Physiology, Graduate School of Sports Science

Mr.Chino Kaze Sakurai


  • Please wear clothes that are easy to move in.
  • Each device is intended for middle school students and above from the perspective of calculating measurement results. Elementary school children can only try it out, but will not receive measurement results.


Know your body and maintain effective health.

Message from experts

Physical activity can reduce the risk of obesity and lifestyle-related diseases, and can be expected to have a preventive effect against diseases. It also helps to change your mood and relieve stress, and is effective in primary prevention of mental health disorders. Create plenty of opportunities for physical activity that suit your individual lifestyle and physical condition. By taking measurements at the Physical Fitness Age Measurement Center, you can learn about your physical fitness from various angles. By understanding the characteristics of your leisure time, you will not only be able to exercise more effectively and efficiently, but also be aware of the challenges and ways to enjoy exercise. You can also learn about exercises that don't put stress on your body.
Please take regular measurements and notice the changes in your body.

Lecturer, Sports Humanities and Applied Social Studies, Kanoya University of Physical Education
Health and Physical Education Education Dance Education
Ph.D. (Physical Education and Sports Studies)

Ms. Chikako Kakoi

Japan Health Promotion Academic Organization Official Website