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Exercise and health

Exercise experience to face your own body

Are you creating opportunities to face your own body objectively?

''Exercise is important.'' I think most people think so.
However, there are probably few people who thoroughly learn and practice exercises that suit their current situation.
''Learn, find, and continue exercising that suits you'' Isn't this the most important thing to do in order to lead a rich and healthy life?

Exercise started as a hobby. But in order to continue that hobby, I wondered, ''What should I pay attention to when exercising now?''
''Nature Aso Health Forest'' and Healthy Resort "ASO GENKI NO MORI" believe that by assessing your current physical condition, you can help prevent future injuries and continue enjoying your life.

This is a facility where you can learn about your own body while having fun at your own pace. Even if you feel anxious about exercising, there should be some exercise that you can do without difficulty.
Please try moving your body while having fun at your own pace at the ''Great Nature Aso Health Forest'' and ''Aso Genki Forest''.

Main exercise facilities

Healthy Exercise Hall

Accommodation area

This is an all-weather health promotion facility where you can build your physical strength in a comfortable environment all year round. The 17 types of exercise attractions display exercise guidelines for health promotion, allowing you to experience the amount of exercise as an indicator for preventing lifestyle-related diseases.

Physical Age Measurement Hall

Accommodation area

While challenging yourself in a game-like manner using seven types of equipment supervised by the Japan Health Promotion Organization, participants will measure eight abilities necessary for exercise, such as balance, explosive power, and memory, to determine their physical fitness age.


Day trip area

Adults and children alike can exercise their whole body with over 70 types of exercise equipment set in the great outdoors, which was created by taking advantage of the 10,000 square meters of natural forests and valleys!
By playing, you can use not only your body but also your mind and have fun while improving your health.

Health initiatives