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Natural Health Souvenir Shop

  • Day trip area

We carry original health teas, special products from Kumamoto and Aso, healthy products, and souvenirs.

We offer a wide range of products, from drinks and foods that are good for the body to items that soothe the mind and spirit.
We also have souvenir sweets, healthy tea, Kumamoto specialties (horse sashimi, red beef, etc.), Farmland's original miscellaneous goods, and miscellaneous goods from Kumamoto.
We also sell many original processed products from the farm within the facility.

Corner introduction

  • Original product

    Original products and original dome-shaped miscellaneous goods and sweets from Aso Health Farm. New original goods are very popular right now. You can find memorable products.

  • souvenirs

    We have a wide selection of products that make perfect souvenirs, such as Kumamoto/Aso's specialties ''horse sashimi'' ,''red beef'' and ''karashi lotus root'' as well as 100% fruit juices, jams, and seasonings, as well as Kumamon goods.