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Enzyme Hot Spa

  • Day trip area

A new hot bath facility with outstanding detox effects, Enzyme Hot Spa, has been born!

Step into a bath of rice bran and bamboo powder containing high-quality enzymes, and be completely wrapped up to your toes.
Various effects can be expected from the fermentation heat and antioxidant ceramic plate.
*Enzyme Hot Spa are by reservation only.
*Please see below for contraindications to Enzyme Hot Spa.
Reservations/Inquiries: 0967-67-3355

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Effects/influences on mind and body

  • Adjusts basic metabolism and immunity. Increases metabolism and strengthens immunity through the action of enzymes and minerals.

  • Excretion of toxins through sweating. Waste products are squeezed out of the body, resulting in efficient detox.


Rejuvenate your body from the inside out with the effects of a healthy hot bath

Message from experts

When you warm up your body, endorphins, a chemical in your brain, are secreted, which makes you feel relaxed and happy, increasing your sense of well-being.
In addition, the parasympathetic nervous system, which restores the body, becomes dominant, and it is expected that internal organ function and immune function will improve.

Yokohama City University, Institute for Life Nanosystem Science, Longevity Science Laboratory, Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Doctor of Science

Mr. Kensuke Miki

Japan Health Promotion Academic Organization Official Website