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Healthy Bedrock Bath "13 KINDS SAUNA"

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Refresh your mind and body while touring 13 types of heated kilns

The interior, which is modeled after a Moroccan palace, is lined with 13 types of heated kilns filled with natural materials such as medicinal herbs and rock salt.
It is a bathing style where you wear a yukata, so both men and women can use it together.

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Information on 13 types of kilns

  • Amethyst kiln

    A healing sauna perfect for stabilizing your mind, strengthening your metabolism, and relieving stress.

  • Jade kiln

    Jade is said to be a stone that symbolizes health and longevity. It is also effective in eliminating toxins from the body and relieving stress.

  • Rock salt kiln

    Uses rock salt from Mongolia that is rich in minerals. Expected redox effect and whitening effect.

  • Loess kiln

    The far-infrared rays emitted from the loess generate heat and induce sweating, which can be expected to have effects such as removing waste products and relieving fatigue.

  • Ice kiln

    A healing room where the room temperature has been lowered to freezing temperature. Cool down your hot body comfortably in the sauna.

  • Herb kiln (lavender)

    A herb native to Europe that has been said to have pain-relieving, fatigue-relieving, and sterilizing effects since ancient times.

  • Herb kiln (mugwort)

    Mugwort is also used as a herbal medicine. A Chinese herbal sauna that is said to warm the passageways and regulate women's menstruation.

  • Herb kiln (Keihi)

    Also known as Nikki Cinnamon, this room is filled with medicinal herbs that are said to warm the body and promote sweating.

  • Herbal kiln (Hakka)

    In Chinese medicine, peppermint is said to warm the body and promote sweating and wicking. It also has a distinctive refreshing scent.

  • Charcoal kiln

    Adsorbs fine particles and odor elements in the air, keeping indoor air clean. Also has negative ion effects.

  • heating kiln

    A thermal sauna set at the highest temperature. The high room temperature and steam temperature further warm the body and promote sweating.

  • Jewel footbath kiln

    A mysterious, healing space filled with three types of power stones: agate, incarose, and crystal.

  • GCC ore kiln

    An ore kiln that warms and revitalizes the body with abundant negative ions and high far-infrared radiation.


Please see below for details on amenities.

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  • bath towel
  • Face towel
  • Body soap
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • yukata
  • Hairdryer
  • milk lotion
  • skin lotion
  • aftershave lotion
  • hair tonic
  • hair liquid
  • Free drinks

    Free drinks are available at the venue.
    Please stay hydrated frequently.

  • Relaxing hall

    There is a large relaxing space in the center of the building.
    Please use it as a space to relax or stretch.

  • Equipped with shower room

    You can sweat it out after using it.

  • Salt room

    You can relax in a room covered with rock salt.

  • Massage chair/foot massage

    Available for free

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Effects/influences on mind and body

  • Natural negative ion effects and far infrared radiation slowly warm the body from the inside and activate cells.

  • By promoting sweating, it is expected to have a detox effect that eliminates waste products from the body.

In addition, the effects differ depending on the heating kiln.


A hot bath that awakens your body's original power while enjoying the blessings of nature.

Rejuvenate your body from the inside out with the effects of a healthy hot bath

Health and mental state are so closely related that it is said that stress lowers the immune system.
Wellness Resort "ASO KENKO NO MORI" offers elaborately designed health hot baths where you can experience nature. Please use any combination according to your purpose and physical condition.

Message from experts

When you warm up your body, endorphins, a chemical in your brain, are secreted, which makes you feel relaxed and happy, increasing your sense of well-being.
In addition, the parasympathetic nervous system, which restores the body, becomes dominant, and it is expected that internal organ function and immune function will improve.

Yokohama City University, Institute for Life Nanosystem Science, Longevity Science Laboratory, Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Doctor of Science

Mr. Kensuke Miki

Japan Health Promotion Academic Organization Official Website