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    What types of room can I choose?

    The Village Zone has Western-style rooms with bed types (twin, double, triple, fourth) and Japanese-style rooms with mattresses (4-person mattresses, 6-person mattresses).
    The Royal Zone has Western-style rooms with bed types (twin, triple, and fourth).
    Dream Zone is a unique guest room designed with characters and each with its own unique features.

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    What are the characteristics of Village Zone, Royal Zone, and Dream Zone?

    The Village Zone is a standard room full of greenery that takes advantage of the natural topography.
    The Royal Zone is a higher class of guest rooms, each with its own fenced gate and garden.
    Dream Zone has 26 dome-shaped guest rooms designed with characters, each with its own unique features.

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    Can I specify a room?

    You can choose each zone and room type, but we cannot specify the location of your room.

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    Is there any transportation within the Village Zone?

    Shuttle bus service from Village zone bus stop to Front desk.(depending on the situation)

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    Do you have barrier-free rooms?

    Not available.

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    What is provided in the room?

    ・Baths and toilets - All rooms are fully equipped, but the water is heated by a water heater.
    ・Refrigerator - All rooms are equipped. (The room is empty)
    ・Safe - There is not one in the room, but there is a security box at the front desk.
    ・Room wear (for adults) - Yukatas are provided in the Village Zone, and Samue are provided in the Royal Zone and Dream Zone. Children's size are available at the front desk.

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    Is there Wi-Fi in the room?

    Wi-Fi is available in Royal Zone and Dream Zone. Wi-Fi is also available in the front lobby and restaurant.

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    Can I smoke in the room?

    All rooms are non-smoking.

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