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Health campus

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Health that is useful in daily life and can only be learned here

By taking a health course supervised by the Japan Institute for Health Promotion, you can acquire the knowledge to start a new healthy life.
Here you can learn how to maintain your health on your own.

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Offering a variety of courses related to health and lifestyle

This course teaches you the basic knowledge necessary to improve lifestyle-related diseases and prevent them. In addition to courses on themes such as '' Food and Health'' '' Exercise and Health'' and '' Mind and Health'' you can also take practical courses such as stretching.

Capacity and class time

Large classroom (1 room)
200 people
Middle classroom (2 rooms)
70 people
1 course
30-40 minutes

An example of a health course

(Scheduled as of September 2017)

  • meal

    ①Extend your healthy life expectancy through your eating habits.
    ② About lifestyle-related disease prevention
    ③ About diabetes prevention
    ④ About locomotive syndrome prevention

  • exercise

    ⑤ The first step to good health is exercise
    ⑥ Muscles and healthy longevity
    ⑦ Stretching to increase metabolism
    ⑧ Breath method that considers breathing

  • heart

    ⑨ Era of mental health
    ⑩ For a more comfortable and fulfilling retirement

  • Dementia prevention

    ⑪ What is dementia?
    ⑫ Preventing dementia with daily awareness

Free “Original Health Guidebook”

This is an indispensable health bible to help you improve your health knowledge during your stay, and to help you improve your daily health once you return home.

This is an original booklet of over 100 pages by the Japan Institute for Health Promotion.

Free of charge for guests staying at the hotel.

[Composition of the “Health Guidebook”]
1. “Food and Health”
2. “Exercise and Health”
3. “Mind and Health”
4. “About Dementia”