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Health improvement course for health

Health check course to easily understand your body condition

  • senior trip
  • girls trip
  • Adult trip
  • Rainy weather OK
  • day trip

Our course staff will provide you with advice and effective health information, allowing you to easily check the health of areas of your body that you are concerned about .

This is a model course recommended for the following people

  • People who have concerns about their body parts
  • Those who want to easily check their health
  • People who want to enjoy healthy meals and enjoy eating while looking at nature and filling their souls.
  • Those who aim to boost immunity from the inside of the body
  • Health Pavilion 2

    • Day trip area

    10 types of health checks Easily check any areas of your body that you are concerned about using the health support system.

    Time required
    Approx. 90 minutes
  • Body Age Check Center, Body Age Measurement Hall

    • Day trip area

    You can measure your physical age easily and in a fun way that feels like a game. Nine types of measurements are possible, including flexibility, endurance, and memory.

    Time required
    Approx. 30 minutes
  • OOASO Restaurant

    • Day trip area

    A healthy buffet in Aso where you can enjoy the blessings of nature. Please enjoy a relaxing and delicious time while looking at the mountains of Aso.

    Time required
    Approx. 60 minutes
  • Dome Bedrock Reduction Bath

    • Day trip area

    Build a body that does not get sick in clean air full of negative ions developed based on antioxidant reduction theory.

    Time required
    Approx. 60 minutes